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Sailfish monument


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About Manzanillo

Nature is undoubtedly Manzanillo's best attraction. Its twin bays, Manzanillo and Santiago, where crystal blue waters lap the black and gold volcanic sand, have caught outsiders' eyes since Cortes conquered Mexico.

Manzanillo emerged during the 70s as a premier vacation destination after Bo Derek and Dudley Moore’s movie “10” was filmed at a local beach.



Manzanillo and nearby area have remained a relatively hidden retreat on the Mexican Pacific, a sleeper compared with other Mexican Pacific Resorts, an advantage for travelers seeking peaceful, relaxing vacations.

At the same time, Manzanillo offers some of the most amazing and exclusive accommodations on the Mexican Riviera, as well as 3 of the most acclaimed golf courses: Isla Navidad, Las Hadas and El Tamarindo

All type of water sports, the most inviting beaches with deliciously warm waters and spectacular sunsets.

There are beaches for every taste; long stretches of creamy sand, crescents of soft gold and black volcanic grains, secluded coves and pristine shores accessible only by boat.

Manzanillo has a delightfully laid-back ambiance combined with excellent climate and its the ideal point from which to launch further explorations north to the primitive coastal villages or the ultra luxurious hidden retreats.


For family vacations including kids, most of the local resorts will offer a kids club or entertainment program either all year round or during Holiday Season such as Christmas, Easter or Summer. For teenagers, a vast array of fun water sports as well as some night entertainment is also available.


Contrary to other Mexican Resorts, you will not find a McDonalds or a Planet Hollywood in Manzanillo, but rather a good number of locally owned restaurants from moderate to expensive serving delicious local and international cuisine, and if you choose to sample the food at any of the fine resorts in the area, dining is an exquisite experience, a combination of classic culinary techniques, mixed with bold local flavors under the direction of internationally-trained chefs.

If you rather have your own staffed villa, have your own cook or chef surprise you with the most delicious meals, or have them follow your menus or dietary preferences. Daily morning trips to the local markets, ensures the freshest produce, seafood and meats.

Manzanillo and the nearby area have become the choice of the discriminating traveler wanting to go the "old fashioned way", no lines, no crowds, only service people eager to make your trip the most enjoyable one!!



The real attraction to Manzanillo lies not in the town, but in the nearby tourist attractions, numerous beaches and the splendor of some of the finest resorts.

Manzanillo is also known as the Sailfish Capital of the world as well as being home to the Mexican Navy.

Devoted fishermen should plan their trips to Manzanillo for late November or early February when the international tournaments take place.


Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

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